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Thursday was time for our weekly spot on Des Moines only local, live morning show, Great Day on KCWI. This week, Chad talks some festival news, breaks down your holiday show options for the weekend, and talks about a couple of local acts to check out.

Photo Spotlight: The Maytags EP Release Party

Last Friday, The Maytags rocked Wooly's in celebration of the release of their debut EP with help from Tiny Deaths, Kris Adams and the Lefties, and Gloom Balloon.  Photographer Brenna Norman was on the scene to capture Dustin Smith throw down with his new band.  Check out the gallery below!

8 Tracks: Weezer, Ben Folds and Ozma with Jordan Mayland

Jordan Mayland is easy to hear around town. Whether it's with Wheelers, Volcano Boys or Jordan Mayland & Thermal Detonators, Mayland has his hand in some of the most notable sounds happening in the capital city. This week, Volcano Boys release their new self titled album. But before that, Mayland sat down and gave us his 8 Tracks. 

 Da Vinci // Weezer

My friends and those who might listen to my music have probably picked up on the fact I’m a huge Weezer fan. Weezer spoke to me when I first heard the “Blue Album.” I Remember I was in 6th grade band class and my friends were handing around this cd in the trumpet section. “You have to listen to this. It’s so fun and it rocks.” As a geeky kid who still loved rock music, it was just top notch.
Their latest album is truly great. It’s what a lot of Weezer fans have wanted from them for a long while. Though, don’t get me wrong. I have loved many of their albums and continued to at least give them all a chance since their earlier days. I just love the group so much that it’s hard to hate on them. I’m glad they’re a band who takes a chance and attempts to reinvent themselves, but this album sums up a lot of their career and still has that classic Weezer vibe

Rent I Pay // Spoon

I love Spoon. I always forget I love Spoon. This is the first track off of their newest album. It reminds me, when hearing it, to listen to the full album. It’s got a great dirty rock and roll feel. The gravel in his voice correlates well with that vibe. They really push the mix to the red in this song and their guitars are always a perfected vintage sound. I would have loved to be in their practice when they started grooving on this song. Great vocal harmonies half way through the tune too. It reminds me of the experimental and perfected harmonies of The Beatles.

Nervous // Ozma

I saw Ozma open for Weezer about 12 years ago. They played a rocking synth and guitar heavy version of the Tetris video game theme song "Korobeiniki." I thought and may have said aloud, “Is this a rock cover of Mozart?” (Yeah, I didn’t have Tetris growing up). Nonetheless, I quickly discovered their discography and became a life-long fan and friend of some of the members of the band. Daniel Brummel has always been really cool to me in person. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with the band multiples times when they would tour through the Midwest. Spending a day in Minneapolis, or hanging out in a van next to a corn field in Iowa. I’ve grown to very much admire the intelligent songwriting of Daniel Brummel and Ryen Slegr. Slegr’s guitar solos are impressive and fun as well. Though, this track was actually written by the newest member of their group, drummer Kenn Shane, and sang by their keyboardist Star Wick. It’s a perfect pop song. It’s cute, clever, it has some heavy guitars and great arpeggiated synth lines. It is from their last album “Boomtown” that came out this last spring I believe, and Daniel Brummel and Ryen Slegr co-wrote a great song from Weezer’s new album, while Daniel tours as Weezer’s current 5th multi-instrumentalist member.

Daphne Descends // Smashing Pumpkins

This is not from a recent album. This is from “Adore,” an album I didn’t give a good chance to when it came out. It’s like rediscovering my favorite band all over again.

Regrets // Ben Folds Five

When I have to pull out an answer to the taboo question, “What’s your favorite album?” I cringe a little, because it’s almost impossible to answer. There are many albums that mean a bunch to me. I could talk for hours about even one of them. But, I do have a go to: “The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner” by Ben Folds Five. It was an album that had to grow on me. I had another of their albums, but this one seemed a bit more serious to me. It’s just gorgeous and fun. The breakdown of this song “Regrets” at around 3:05, with that reverbed out bass drum, the tempo change, is a highlight of the album.

Alone + Easy Target // Foo Fighters

I have been a fan of Foo Fighters since Dave Grohl recorded this first album in 1995. He plays all instruments and it was encouraging to hear that when you’re young and needing inspiration. The chorus and bridge have such great hooks. The drum fil around 3:00 or so going out of the breakdown will forever be one of my favorite fills.

If I Had A Tail // Queens of the Stone Age

This was certainly one of my favorite and most listened to albums of 2013. Josh Homme is the man of eternal badass blues licks. His production skills on all albums from QOTSA to Them Crooked Vultures are perfectly detailed. I’d let him produce one of my records. Josh?

Human Sadness // Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

I will mention “taking chances” a lot when talking about my music or other people’s art often. You can’t not do it. It’s easy to fall into a mold. You don’t want to just do an impersonation of yourself, or your own band. You also don’t want to bite the hand that feeds. Some people I know have dogged on this new Julian Casablancas + The Voidz album “Tyranny.” Yeah, it’s different. At times it’s catchy, and other times you’re thinking “why?” I think it’s great to ask that question. “Why?” Why put out the same style? Why not try something new? Why not freak people out? The answer is pushing yourself. Pushing the norm of melody, chord progressions, tone, etc. This was the first song Julian Casablancas released from his new band effort with The Voidz. It’s epic. It’s long. It’s different. The introduction starts with dissonant strings that quickly merge with the songs main bass line hook and fits completely differently in context to the original key. When I heard this song I immediately thought it’s what TiRES and Gloom Balloon might sound like if we were to collaborate. The rest of the album is darker and grittier, filled with synth heavy punk riffs that make you feel almost uncomfortable but, why?

Volcano Boys share their album release party at Vaudeville Mews with Easy Fruit on Saturday, December 13 at 5:30. In the meantime, check out their new single, "You're Favorite Song" here.


Great Rae on Great Day!

As you all know by now, Band Bombshell has a weekly spot on the only live local morning show, KCWI's Great Day. This week, the brilliant and talented Rae Fehring stepped in and let everyone know what's going on in Des Moines this week. Did you miss it? Here it is! Did you catch it? Watch it again!

8 Tracks: Let's get pumped

Written by Chad Taylor

Welcome to your "day late" edition of 8 Tracks. This week's theme is all about motivation. Sometimes, life gets you down. Things can feel overwhelming, maybe you miss a deadline *cough*, and sometimes you just feel like you're always behind the 8 ball.

But it's never too late to pick yourself up and rally. It's only Tuesday, kids: let's grab the rest of this week by the short and curlies and give it a good tug! So, to help you show this world who's boss (spoiler alert: it's you), here's a rundown of some of the best movie montage themes to help get you pumped. Let's doooooo this!

Joe Esposito // You're the Best

Probably the greatest montage ever, Joe Esposito's 80's anthem helped young Daniel Larusso win his way to the top of the (surprisingly well-attended) All-Valley Karate Tournament. 

Survivor // Eye of the Tiger

Actually NOT the training montage music from Rocky III (the montage was set to the franchises iconic "Gonna Fly Now") Eye of the Tiger is nevertheless the best song from the soundtrack, and the one that people most easily identify with the film. Also, it kicks more ass.

Paul Engemann // Push it to the Limit

Now, sure, Scarface isn't so much "training" in this montage as he is "getting obscenely wealthy off a whole bunch of cocaine", but the sentiment remains the same: carpe that diem! (But maybe don't become a drug kingpin. It rarely ends well.)

Karla DeVito // We Are Not Alone

An overlooked montage, mainly because it's so darn short, but this dance snippit towards the end of The Breakfast Club is one of the most fun parts of an entirely great movie, and the song is part of a wildly underrated soundtrack.

Vangelis // Chariots of Fire

The synth-tastic theme song from the greatest film ever made about British guys running, Chariots of Fire has also become synonymous with victory.

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band // Hearts on Fire

The Rocky franchise strikes again, with this installment from Rocky IV. Watching Rocky run up that damn mountain in the snow is enough to get anyone moving. It's not Reagan who ended the Cold War; it was Rocky.

The Beach Boys // When I Grow Up (to be a Man)

This was Caroline's addition to the list and, frankly, I'm not 100% sold on it as a montage. But still, it's a clever little scene and the Beach Boys aren't ever really going to steer you wrong.

Trey Parker & Matt Stone // America, Fuck Yeah

could have gone extra meta and picked "Montage", but when you think of Team America, this is the song that gets it done. It's also, let's be honest, the most badass song in the movie. I couldn't find the actual Team America montage on YouTube, but this Team Fortress 2 video gets the point across just fine.

Critical Mass 11/26

It's time once again for Critical Mass on 99.1 KFMG. Joe Lawler and our own Chad Taylor can be heard live every Wednesday at 1 p.m., or you can catch them anytime you like right here.

This week, the boys talk about Little BIG Fest, House of Bricks last show, and a very messy birthday party at Hull Ave Tavern. Music this week provided by Cirrus Minor and The High Crest!

Great Day 11/20

It's Thursday, which means that it's time for our weekly update on KCWI's Great Day!

This week, Chad covers Little Big Fest, some upcoming festival information, and new CD releases. Then, be sure to check us out live at 7:30 am every Thursday!

Critical Mass, 11/19

This week on 99.1 KFMG's Critical Mass, Joe Lawler and I talk about the health of local music venues, what constitutes a GOOD venue, and how it all fits together in Des Moines. Then, Chris Ford drops by to talk about Little Big Fest, which goes down this weekend. Music provided by Brother Trucker and William Elliot Whitmore!