Get your Critical Mass, hot off the presses

We finally got our Sound Cloud issues addressed, and we're happy to be back with our stream of KFMG's radio program, Critical Mass, featuring The Des Moines Register's Joe Lawler, and our own Chad Taylor. This week: Chad bitches about some stuff, Maximum Ames is having a festival this week, and the Lawler family had a baby!

This Fan Letter is Just the Best

So here's something to soften even the hardest of hearts.

Bonne Finken has been making a lot of new fans lately, what with her album "FairyTales/LoveAffairs" getting play on several hundred college radio stations and all. But perhaps the best new fan of them all is right here in Des Moines.

Young Audrey loves listening to Finken's "Step Back Baby" on Star 102.5. Likes it so much that, with a little assist from her parents, she hand wrote Finken a fan letter, wherein she let's Finken know she is Audrey's favorite singer, and that she thinks it's cool that Finken lives here and "not in New York or California."

There's so much to like about this one simple letter: that Bonne Finken is a solid role model for young girls, that this particular young girl took the time to tell an artists their work matters, and that she choose to take the time and write a hand-written note, rather than firing off an email.

Kudos to you, Audrey, and to Audrey's parents for raising and encouraging a young mind.