Dan Tedesco performs "Death in the Valley"

Dan Tedesco has a show at the Des Moines Social Club tonight, Thursday, April 16, along with Kiernan McMullan. Check back this afternoon for a profile of Tedesco in advance of the show, but for now, we've got him performing the title track from his latest album, "Death in the Valley."

Critical Mass for April 8

Wednesdays are for lovers...of Critical Mass that is. Yes, it's time once again for Chad and Joe to get together and chat about what's happening in the city, just as they do every Wednesday at 1 pm on 99.1 KFMG. This week is an all festival edition, as the boys talk about the lineup announcements for 80/35 and 515 Alive, and Chad gives his unfiltered opinion on Lazerfest.

Critical Mass for 3/25

Did you miss us this week? Well then here's the replay. In this week's scintillating episode, the boys talk about kids having syphilis, the 80/35 hints video and why Chad would ever curse Bonne Finken's name.