Critical Mass for 5/27

It's time for another episode of Critical Mass on 99.1 KFMG. In this week's installment, the boys talk about Girls Rock!, the quality of music put out by TBA, and the importance of being prepared.

Check out Bonne Finken's new music video for "Fall"

Bonne Finken has been riding the wave of her last release, "Fairy Tales/Love Affairs" for the past year. Now, she's released her second music video from the album, this time for the song "Fall." The video stands as a veritable who's who of the local music and arts scene, featuring 30 local musicians, artists and entertainers. Included in the list: our very own photographer Cody Osen, writer Rae Fehring and Managing Editor, Chad Taylor!

Check out the video below, and head over to Bonne's blog for a rundown of everyone featured in the video.

On the eve of Lazerfest, FFDP drums up interest the only way it knows how

By Sommer Sharon

It's almost like it's contagious...rock star meltdowns.

The latest to be afflicted with the condition? The lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP). According to, FFDP played a shortened set on Friday, May 1 at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN after lead singer Ivan Moody held up drummer Jeremy Spencer's FFDP book towards the crowd.

Sidenote: Spencer released an autobiography last September titled Death Punch'd: Surviving Five Finger Death Punch's Metal Mayhem. It's about how music, addiction and recovery influenced who Spencer is now.

When Moody held up the book he proceeded to ask fans if they had the book and then he purportedly made the statement he had nothing to do with the book. Spencer threw his drumsticks and walked off the stage. The rest of the band followed. Moody stayed on stage for several embarrassing minutes, rambling and attempting to finish the show by himself. Spencer and the rest of the band did come back on stage once again to play one more song, but Moody constantly invaded Spencer's personal space, seeming to argue with him. Moody threw his mic a few times. And eventually everyone walked off stage, not returning and not finishing their set.

It's fair to say fans were confused, disappointed and probably a little pissed because c'mon they did pay for the tickets, and it's unlikely there will be refunds considering it was a festival with other bands on the ticket.

With such temper tantrums, you'd think we were dealing with a bunch of three-year-olds who didn't get their naps.

The event prompted massive amounts of tweets from fans, all of which primarily said, “I just saw Five Finger Death Punch break up on stage.”

The next day singer Ivan Moody released the following statement:

"There were a lot of technical problems last night that were seemingly unsolvable. We had to make a decision whether to hit the stage crippled, without being able to hear ourselves; or, delay the start of the show — possibly for hours. We decided to proceed, but not being able to hear if I was in key and just guessing where we were in the song frustrated me to the point that I lost my cool. I'm not saying I handled it appropriately. Matter of fact, I've never been so embarrassed before. I apologize for taking out my anger on stage. You guys know me and you know how I pride myself on my live performances. I'd never want this to boil over into something that epically wrong ever again. To some of our crew, good luck in your future endeavors. We wish you the best. We also welcome our new monitor engineer Paul Weber. To our fans in Memphis — we'll make it up to you, I promise. Houston, we will see you tonight. The rest of the world — yes, we are coming. And to the haters... wipe that smirk off your face ...We are not going anywhere."

Then FFDP drummer Jeremy Spencer posted this on his Facebook page:

"We did NOT break up! Things went sideways with technical issues. Ivan got pissed and took it out onstage. It was a bad night, to say the least. He has since apologized. But we are 100% still a band and look forward to seeing you all on tour!"

Hey everyone is entitled to a bad day, and bands who tour day in and day out with each other know all too well how tense it can get when someone does have a bad day. But we've seen this before...some band exhibits some strife amongst its members, yet claims they are fine and then breaks up months (or even years) later. Hindsight is 20/20, but no doubt people won't be all that surprised if at some point they craft an official statement explaining the band members are going their separate ways, but that there are “no hard feelings.”

Five Finger Death Punch (allegedly) performs at Lazerfest this Sunday, May 10.