Linkin Park cancels tour. Puddle of Mudd remains a train wreck.

Words by Sommer Sharon

Linkin Park will not play the Wells Fargo Arena on February 6, 2015, as previously planned, and the other kinda “big” rock band scheduled to appear in the Des Moines area in February, Puddle of Mudd, is on shaky ground as well.

Linkin Park's lead singer Chester Bennington injured his leg this week, resulting in the cancellation of the rest of the tour. Bennington's injury reportedly requires immediate medical attention making it impossible for him to continue to perform.

Bennington had been performing on a wheeled brace

Bennington had been performing on a wheeled brace

Reports were good on the first few shows. Sounds like Des Moines missed out. Get your refunds by contacting the original point of purchase (DAHLS, the venue box office, etc.).

Bennington plays double duty, as he also became the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots in 2013, after STP gave Scott Weiland the boot. Weiland's run-ins with the law, struggles with substance abuse, and various meltdowns were a constant distraction for the band and, despite his talent, he did more harm than good.

Speaking of train wrecks....Puddle of Mudd's lead vocalist Wes Scantlin was arrested this week in Denver. Allegedly he took a joyride on an airport baggage carousel, and ended up in a restricted area (idiot). A fan bailed the dude out so he could play the show that night. What a tool (both the fan and Scantlin). Scantlin could use a(nother) night in jail. The promoter for the Denver show posted on their Facebook page, “I apologize to all of those who left early. I hope you enjoyed Lola Black, Horse and Drug Under. Those of you that stayed I hope you love Puddle of Mudd cause we will NEVER book them again.” Good call.

The incident comes after a meltdown at a show on the 2014 tour, which resulted in the cancellation of the rest of the tour. The meltdown was caught on tape showing Scantlin throwing beer and a microphone into the audience, and threatening the attendees.

Friends of mine, who will remain nameless, had planned a tour with Puddle of Mudd last year. I think they played all of one show before Scantlin screwed the whole thing up. My prediction is Scantlin may screw it up again, and it's likely Puddle of Mudd may not make it to Des Moines. Various reports from my sources say Scantlin is a mess on stage, he's either drunk, high or both, and Puddle of Mudd can barely finish their set. Based on these reports, it may be better if they take another break. Which is unfortunate for the rest of the guys in Puddle of Mudd, who are not melting down or choosing to ride airport baggage carousels into restricted areas. To Scantlin I say, DUDE, it's not the 80s. You can't be a total fucking disaster and remain relevant.

Sommer Sharon is a freelance writer living in Des Moines. She's a frequent contributor to Screamer Magazine, and writes for us when we ask her nicely enough.

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