Great Day 11/20

It's Thursday, which means that it's time for our weekly update on KCWI's Great Day!

This week, Chad covers Little Big Fest, some upcoming festival information, and new CD releases. Then, be sure to check us out live at 7:30 am every Thursday!

Critical Mass, 11/19

This week on 99.1 KFMG's Critical Mass, Joe Lawler and I talk about the health of local music venues, what constitutes a GOOD venue, and how it all fits together in Des Moines. Then, Chris Ford drops by to talk about Little Big Fest, which goes down this weekend. Music provided by Brother Trucker and William Elliot Whitmore!

A Very Special Critical Mass

Did you miss Wednesday's Critical Mass on 99.1 KFMG? Well then you missed out on a first in the show's brief history. This week, the The Des Moines Register's Joe Lawler and our own Chad Taylor take a break from talking about their own feelings, and invite in their first ever in-studio guest. So grab a seat and listen as they chat with producer and Envy Corps guitarist Brandon Darner about The Olympics new track, producing for local bands, and what's next for The Corps.

Band Bombshell on Great Day: Little BIG Fest, The Instants and The High Crest

Did you miss us on KCWI's Great Day this morning? Here's the video to get you all up to speed.

This week we chatted with the Great Day team about the lineup for Little BIG Fest, as well as our Band Bombshell streams of The Instants new album and the new video from The Olympics. We also talk about The High Crest's album release party, and the big news in our own Chad Taylor's life.

If you want to start your Thursday mornings off right from now on, catch us live on KCWI at 7:20 each Thursday morning!